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稽古と稽古時の服装 Practices & Required Attire  

旭燦会の稽古は戸山流居合抜刀道連盟道®が継承する"戸山流軍刀操法"、"戸山流形"、"戸山流組太刀形"、"全日本抜刀道連盟制定の形"並びに抜刀道の基本所作、基本試斬と高度な試斬を各自の習熟度に応じて繰り返し指導、修練をする。     習熟度に応じての指導は極めて重要であり、技と所作の融合は居合道・抜刀道に於いては特に求められる。




The practice at KYOKUSANKAI will cover "Toyamaryu Gunto Soho", "Toyamaryu Kata", "Toyamaryu Kumitachi" which Toyamaryu Iai-Batto Do Renmei (TIBDR) to succeed and  "Kata of ZNBDR", Traditional Gesture/Movement of Iai-do and Tamesgiri for all level. It is important to harmonize between Waza and Movement on Iai and Batto-do. 

Required to wear Do-gi with Kakuobi-Belt (a stiff sash) and Hakama ready for wearing a sword during the practice.

稽古日・時間    Scheduled Practice Time



The practice has scheduled 2 times a week, 2 hours & 30 minutes per time. It is appropriate for you to come to Dojo approx. 45 minutes before the time in order to set up the necessary equipment, preparation for target Wara and change of clothes. The practice time may be changed subject to gathering many members at the practice. It is a flexible schedule to serve the members and guests.

​Please keep visiting this Web page for any information.

毎週  Weekly;

火曜日 Tues. :15:30〜18:00

土曜日 Sat.   :15:30〜18:00


稽古日の追加、変更、及び出欠の連絡はドロップボックスDropbox™‎ https://www.dropbox.com経由でも行なう


The member would be communicated about the schedule cahnge through Dropbox™‎ account.



  June 2020 

June  6   (Sat)   09:30~12:00

June 10 (Wed) 15:00 ~ 18:00

June 13 (Sat)   09:30 ~ 12:00

June 17 (Wed) 15:00 ~ 18:00

June 21 (Sun)  09:30 ~ 12:00

June 24 (Wed) 15:00 ~ 18:00

​June 27 (Sat)   09:30 ~ 12:00


  July 2020 

July  4   (Sat)   09:30~12:00

July  8 (Wed)  15:30 ~ 18:00

July 15 (Wed) 15:30 ~ 18:00

July 19 (Sun)  09:30 ~ 12:00

July 25  (Sat)  09:30 ~ 12:00

July 29(Wed)  15:30 ~ 18:00

道場所在地  Dojo Location
Nakawada Community Hall,
9-17-33 Kamitsuruma-Honcho, Minami-ku
Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan



Possible Public Transportation

(Send a note through CONTACT pf this web-page if you need a detail. We will be happy to help you) 


  • 小田急線・相模大野駅南口 

   バス :大13番乗り場 




  • 上鶴間高校入口で下車


Wakizashi・Higokoshirae (Circa 1850's)

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